Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Three of Us

Well...we've officially survived 4 weeks.
4 weeks of being parents.

I've heard it only gets harder from this point on.
Thank you for that little piece of sunshine whoever you are

the two of us...soon to be the three of us

And now...introducing..

Liberty Grace Lancaster
October 25th at 2:46 am
5 pounds 13 ounces, 19 inches long

Hello Liberty

Wonderfully made by the Lord...

Dedicated October 30th

Changing everyday...


 What a wonderful journey we have been experiencing.
My pregnancy, delivery, & recovery...
I can truly see the Lord guiding and protecting us throughout.

A few days after learning we were expecting, the message 'Jehovah Jirah' came on my ipod as I was getting ready for church.  The last several days had been an up and down of emotions...mostly worrying about money and whether I was really ready to be a mother.  That message was exactly what I needed to hear...all about God's plan and how He provides for His children.

It was a turning point for me...I took a stand at that moment and said, 'Lord, I believe that this is all in your plans for us.  I know you're with us every step and will provide our needs.  I'm going to trust in you.'

From that moment on I didn't allow a negative thought to creep in...I stayed positive and claimed everything well.  And I truly believe that God honored that and blessed us with a wonderful pregnancy and delivery...He even provided for us financially.  Complete strangers gave us bags of clothing and boxes of new diapers...its just amazing how many different ways He has blessed us.

It wasn't me...or anything that I was accepting His plan for us and His grace.

So thankful for all He has done for well as everything He is doing right now.



Katherne said...

Wowza, that was worth waiting for!
She is sooooo beautiful
So are your word expressions
As always : )
She, you and Noah are richly blessed
Keep keeping us in the loop!
Much love

Susan (Ankeny) Smith said...


Lindsey Lea B said...

Congratulations Jeni! She is simply adorable! I am encouraged reading how the Lord has seen your family through! What a wonderful testimony! Liberty is blessed to have two wonderful parents who serve a living God! :))