Friday, November 6, 2009

Eat, think, and be merry.

Well...there are a few good things to note.

1. Noah and I are not starving.
2. We haven't been rushed to the ER to have our stomach pumped.

I have, so far, made: white bread, wheat bread (and ground my own wheat flour), manicotti, spaghetti, fajitas, Cajun chicken pasta, lemon chicken pasta, Fettuccine Alfredo, pecan tassies, and 7-layer bars. We've also grilled a few steaks.

I haven't noticed either of us gaining any NOTICEABLE weight yet. Ha...

I made an Enchilada casserole that I snuck into the trash can (hey, I needed the pan!). Noah "said" he liked it, but we both know it was terrible. I'm just the stronger one to be able to just 'let it go'. (he picked out the recipe -the stubborn thing)

SO....all in all I'm doing ok. Now comes the hard part...making meals that aren't going to turn us into huge tubs of lard...and making them on a budget.

We went to a meat market with Noah's mom, Pat. Half of it is now in our freezer, half in hers. They cut and freezer-wrapped everything we bought for free... (minus the chicken breasts...we separated those ourselves) The sirloin they cut gave us 28 steaks, the filet mignon we bought gave us about 16. We had the filet mignon last night with our fettucini and it was SOOO good. We're planning on getting that again for sure since it was only $20 for all 16 cuts.

I made these 7-layer bars that are amaaaazing. I've been using a lot of recipes from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, and this website.

So...all in all, we're not starving or dying of food poisoning...a definite good thing. I'll try posting pics of what we've done to the house so far...on the next post.