Thursday, December 16, 2010

The House -After

I just need to say something before we get started...

I don't want any of you mysterious readers out there to think that I'm going to post twice a month from here on out.

I am...spontaneous. Creative. Independent.

which can also be confused as procrastination in some cases.

...not this time.

I ALSO don't want any of you anonymous readers out there to think that I'm posting new house pictures just because I've been hounded and nagged by various relatives and friends ever since the day we bought, painted, and moved in.

I am...spontaneous. Creative. Independent.

The hounding and nagging has also been kind of annoying.

go figure.

So now that we have all THAT out of the way, I can move on to what you're really wanting to see. But who am I kidding? You've already grown bored and moved past all this to the pictures anyway. With every sentence I write I merely add to the tedious exercise of your finger to scroll down to the pictures.

moving on.

Noah put in bamboo laminate here all the way to the kitchen and then down the hall.
The carpet is pretty much the most wonderful carpet ever.

I tell it that everyday.
I can get pretty sappy.

...when it comes to carpet.

You'll notice there is no longer a large hole/window in the wall leading to the kitchen. We filled that in. Eventually we're planning on selling the armoire and coffee table and building something smaller to fit the space better.

My couches have not changed.

This is the bookshelf we/mostly Noah built, it kind of looks like a jumbled cluttered mess here. But I promise it looks much better in person.

Its orange.

. )

Moving on to the kiiiiiitchen.

We opened up this wall here to include a bar height counter. And like I said, we're saving up for cabinets...hopefully that will be our next project. Maybe February?

The other side of the kitchen. yaaay. I'm truly ready for new cabinets with much more pantry space. We'll be putting in 6 ft pantry cabinets where that hutch is.

I found my bar stools on craigslist.
They matched my table and chairs
. )

We opted to put in beadboard and a chair rail in the dining room...I loves it.

And Noah put in a mix of two different laminate flooring types in here...he did a really nifty diagonal design that you can kiiinda see in the photos below.

We still don't have much on the walls..which is fine for now...I can wait.
I did finish making this really cool memo board out of wine corks...

Remember that infamous hallway?

There it is again. New doors, casing, knobs, hinges, the works.

Its kind of difficult to get a good picture of the bedroom...its really not finished anyway. We're going to build a farmhouse frame/headboard when the season slows down.


And the last room, possibly your favorite...

the bathroom.

Ok thats it...I'm done.

how exhausting was that?