Friday, March 18, 2011

Kitchens, Cabinets, and non-concrete floors, oh my.

Well...we finally redid the kitchen.


In fact, I've been gloriously enjoying my new cabinets for almost 10 days now.

Sometimes at night Noah wakes up to find me in the kitchen, leaning against the new glossy countertop whispering sweet nothings to the new sink.

It's disturbing but he gently leads me back to bed and assures me the cabinets, counter top, and sink will still be there in the morning. At which point I'm more than welcome to continue my rambling of sweet nothings as long as I do some dishes while I'm at it.

I'm telling you...that new sink is a thing of beauty.
A work of art.
Poetry even.

This picture really doesn't do it justice because...well...i hadn't actually cleaned it there's still some sawdust residue and such. Overlook that.

But compared to the old sink???

It's beautious.

We still have yet to do our tiled backsplash. I haven't found a tile we like yet.

Here's another view of the countertops...

A view from the dining room. Oh so purty.
You can also get a view of our vinyl here.
Wonderful. WONDERFUL flooring.
So soft. So non-concrete feeling.

A closer view at the other side of the kitchen.
If you've seen what the kitchen looked like before we started doing know there's a huge difference. We still have yet to purchase a microwave that goes above the range.

In fact, our current microwave is on our dining room table.
It looks more ginormous everyday.
I'm slightly suspicious that its growing...but Noah thinks its all in my head.

He'll believe me when the microwave reaches the size of the dining room and takes Frankie hostage. But I say we can prevent all that by just buying a new microwave.

Can you believe he rolled his eyes at me?

no respect. just no respect. bed is calling me. It is...after all..almost 10 o'clock.

Slap me with suspenders and call me old but yes I enjoy going to bed early.

One more view of our beautiful cabinets.
-happy sigh-
its a beautiful thing.