Thursday, July 29, 2010

Patient I am.

....wait for it...


oh snap.

Actually...I was going to say...


hurrah! hurray! WAHOO!!

Don't have a closing date yet...but it will be before the 17th.

of August.



I'm beyond excited. And have been INCREDIBLY patient. But only because Noah asked everyone to pray for me to have patience during this process.

"Is there anything we can help you with, Noah?"

" Nope...just pray for Jeni to be patient."

"Can we help you guys pack?"

"Nope, just pray for Jeni to be patient."

"How bout dinner at our house this week?"

"Nope. Jeni needs to be patient. Just pray."

That's what it felt like anyways. Well, Mr. Lancaster...I HAVE been patient. I hope you notice
...and buy me a sock monkeez as a reward.


It's worth a shot anyway.

But really, I HAVE been pretty patient.


(is there any way to subliminally message your husband in his sleep?)

...I've tried whispering things in his ear while he sleeps...I don't think it works...because I'm still purse-less and sock monkeez-less weeks later.

...did I mention I've been really patient?