Monday, December 7, 2009

You say couch. We say potato.

Now everyone wave yo hands!
Potato! don't know that one? Pity. it is...the post you've all been waiting for. ...I'm sure.

Noah and our executive desk. It's a mess...because Noah is paying bills.

Perhaps I should explain why we have an executive desk. Since we're not executives.
Or desks. sunny but couchless day I was searching the kingdom of craigslist for a couch.

But not just any couch.

A couch that would not scream "I'm a retired Floridian senior citizen!"

Though the task was destined to be near impossible...
I was determined to find a comfortable resting place for my bottom.

After weeks of searching...and weeks of sore bottoms and empty living spaces diligence was finally rewarded and my quest over.

Aaah....couch. And sofa. Aaaaaah.

But there's more to the story....just keep reading.

Here's Noah playing Wii...we bought a small monitor to play on...22". Huge difference from dad's. yaaaah buddies. works well for the wii. the picture he's playing "air hockey"
...but NOW I'm watching him race a cow. read that right. A Cow.

A closer look at the couch. It's difficult to determine the color. Originally I had thought it to be a blue grey...however it's actually a chocolate brown. Which suits me juuuust fine.

The Guitar. The Sofa. The Sock Monkey.
It just doesn't get much better.
Aaaand our bookshelves.
I love our bookshelves. Mostly because there's room for MORE books.

The rest of the story...

So...I happened to look on craigslist one Saturday morning before Noah and I went out and lo' and behold... (what does 'Lo' mean anyhow?)
There it was...a new post. Entire room for sale.

The guy listed his year old couch, sofa, accent chair, two endtables, coffee table, two lamps, rug, and executive desk for sale.
Original price paid? 3600.00
Asking? 250.00

maaaybe I believe him.

So I call. And believe it or not....I was the first to call about the furniture. So we rushed over there. Literally...cuz..i was the one driving. And later, the guy told us his phone started ringing nonstop after he got off with us.

Well...we bought is obviously. Because we didn't have a couch or sofa...OR lamps. And since he was throwing in all that other stuff too? UH SHYA!

The set was less than a year old and its while its not perfect...its pretty close to new.

We're not using the rug, accent chair, or coffee table...the rug doesn't match and smells kinda gross. The accent chair is just plain ugly. And we like the coffee table we already had better.

But hey..I'd say it was definitely worth it.

And now you know... the rest of the story.

I'm Jeni Lancaster. Good day.