Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Year of Blessings

I've never done the whole "Christmas card/letter" thing...
then again, I've never really had a life until I got married and had a kid.

If I had written the traditional end-of-year letter, this is what it would say.

Hello family. Hello friends.

The year has flown by...365 days of perpetual change.  We cannot control the flow of time, but merely accept its presence and ride alongside it the best we can.  This year has brought many large changes for us...

In February we discovered we were expecting.  A definite shock to us...but the Lord knew just what we needed.  I admit I was concerned and anxious at first.  But I quickly learned to put my trust in Him, our Provider.  Looking back, I can easily be brought to tears at just how much the Lord blessed us over and over again.

We spent the year preparing for the baby's seems that everything we did this past year centered on the upcoming change in our lives.  We had bought a house in August of 2010, so we began working on all the 'little' things I knew we'd never get around to once we had a baby keeping us busy.  We painted, built furniture, decorated and sewed.  I even learned to crochet a thing or two.  We spent a lot of time "together"...just doing whatever.  Noah even found time to make some arrows out of bamboo.  Not to mention he built me a bench, coffee table, and guest bed. I loves him so.

Over Easter, we made the trek to Louisiana with our youth for the annual camp meetings.  I was at the peak of my first trimester and the bus ride did nothing to ease the morning sickness.  Our pastor had asked for our help in writing a skit for the camp.  After what seemed like a thousand drafts we finally presented a skit with the theme of 'distraction' using Facebook and the internet as our premise.  This was stressful, but we also had a lot of fun working with the kids.  Plus, the feedback and testimonies were very rewarding in themselves.

In May we found out we were having a girl. Another shock.  With all boys on Noah's side, I thought a boy was inevitable.  Alas, a girl we would have (the seventh girl on my side.)  Not that we really cared either way...we both agreed we just wanted a healthy baby and we would be happy no matter what.  Everyone was excited to hear (especially Noah's mom, Pat) a little girl was soon to be in the family and Noah soon found himself melting over the little outfits and toys.  -grin-

In July I flew up to visit my parents before the baby came and my mom surprised me with a small baby shower.  It was wonderful to visit with them for a week, but I missed Noah terribly while I was gone.  We both agreed it would be awhile before that happened again.  In fact, I think I said "Never again."  We'll see how that works out...

The rest of the year just flew by after September I had another baby shower in Florida.  It was beautiful and I was completely spoiled by everyone.  Someone (who remains anonymous) gave Noah money to fly my mom down to surprise me at the shower.  Needless to say, I cried when I saw her (as pregnant women tend to do) and everyone agreed it was the greatest gift anyone could have given us.

October. It came so suddenly.  Together with my doctor we decided I would be induced for labor on the 25th.  This decision had many reasons, the main one being I wanted MY doctor.  He had a relaxing demeanor that made me very comfortable with him. I didn't want to chance getting stuck with the other doctor on call, who made me nervous and uncomfortable.  I don't regret our decision in the slightest.  The induction went so well and I just know the Lord was with us every moment.  Afterwards, the nurses gave me a little card saying what a wonderful couple we were and that they could really tell how much we loved each other.  That to me, is just a testimony being lived out loud . )

Our little Liberty Grace was born beautiful and perfect.  We fell in love with her immediately and there is not a day that goes by we don't thank the Lord for her.  Noah and I both said that if we had waited until we thought we were ready to have would never have happened.  Thank the Lord He has it all in control...because I don't think I could live without her now.

November and December has come and gone with its sleepless nights and dirty diapers.  Christmas snuck up on us and then disappeared leaving too many stale cookies behind.  We were able to visit my entire family in Alabama for the holidays and our little girl was spoiled being passed around 24/7.  (Isn't it wonderful?)

A new year.  With many new things and "firsts" to come.  Like crawling, baby teeth, talking and walking.  Next Christmas I expect Liberty will be unwrapping her own gifts and walking from room to room and Noah and I to still be madly in love . )

May this next year bring you joy and laughter...may you find God in all the little things and may He become more and more precious to you as the days pass by.

Noah, Jeni & Liberty


Lindsey Lea B said...

Jen, Thanks for the Christmas Card *wink* I love it! :) I also really enjoy reading your writing. It is like listening to music with my very melodic and happy. I pray such rich blessings to you and your family.

L ~ S said...

Hi, I just came across your blog. What a nice surprise :) I 'know' Noah from a few years ago on Youth Quake. Nice to see that it is going well with him. I can't tell you how much I love your daughter's name!!! I was due middle of July, but I said if the baby was born on the 4th and happened to be a girl, I was naming her Liberty. I love the name, but everyone here (Belgium) thinks it is weird. We ended up having a boy, but I kept saying that a daughter would be named it, but now I won't use it since you already have.

Jeni said...

Thank you Lindsey, and to you as well . )

Leah, I'll have to let Noah know our paths crossed via blog! Thank you for your sweet comment...I'm of the firm belief that we should look to the Lord for the names of our children. I had always loved the name Liberty and our pastor kept preaching on it when we were trying to make a final decision, so we took it as a positive sign. I absolutely INSIST that you name your future daughter (as the Lord allows) whatever you and your husband feel lead to name her. Where would the world be if there were only one William or John? And don't worry about what other people think, its not their approval we're looking for!