Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Pregnancy Update

Dear pre-pregnancy body,

First off, I want to sincerely apologize for taking you for granted the first 23 years of my life. I miss you and I hope you can forgive me enough to come back.



To my readers...

I'm not a vain person. But somewhere between 36 and 39 weeks I finally realized that I was ready to be back. Back

Most of the time we can classify different body shapes with pears and pumpkins and apples.

I am a fruit that has yet to be discovered.
A fruit that is probably hiding somewhere in the Amazon...
it probably holds the cure for cancer or bad attitudes
or something like that.

Nobody can really prepare you for how much your body is going to change. You think you know..I mean...there's pregnant women EVERYWHERE. It's not like..a secret.

but when it actually happens?
and you suddenly have a watermelon where your waistline used to be...
and its not going away...
and you're just waiting...
and eating...
and drinking..
and peeing...
and waiting...
and peeing...

nobody can prepare you for it.
and at the end...when all you're doing is waiting...and peeing..
you start to wonder if you'll ever NOT be pregnant.

And then your husband says something about baby number two.



I love Noah. really . )

and those bruises you may see on him at church tonight were probably work-related.
really. an update...I've had a really great pregnancy. I haven't had the problems with hormones and such that a lot of other women claim to have...then again...I was never a hormonal person to begin with. Noah hasn't gained any weight over any of my weird food cravings, of which I haven't really had any. And I haven't really obsessed over having the baby out of my body until the last week or so.

We'll officially be parents (yay! eek!) in less than a week.
My house is clean and the laundry is caught up.
My bag is mostly packed.
The sock monkeys are snug in their bed waiting for the grandparents to arrive.
And I am...waiting.
and eating.
and drinking.
and peeing.
and waiting.
and peeing.

(I hope people who read this aren't offended by the word 'pee' since I tend to use it a lot)

39 weeks this Friday...and they are looking to induce me this weekend or the beginning of next...I should find out today.
there will not be updates on my labor via facebook or twitter.
sorry to cut you out of the fun.
I guess I'm just weird that way.

D-Day is Monday, October 24th

here we go.


~AnnaB~ said...

You know.... After being pregnant three times and having a baby spend 6 of those 9 months squashing my bladder, I think I almost looked forward to the catheter. And then peeing for real after the delivery, it was seriously like a river. Anyhooo... Glad it's u and not me. Hehe. Just um, don't say anything to the l&d staff like, "give me Liberty or give me a catheter..." and I'm sure u will be just fine.

Jeni said...

ha! i certainly don't need a catheter. eew.

Katherine said...

PS. Did you know some people actually post photos on their blogs?
Can you think of anything you might have to show that some of us would love to see
Or anyone?