Friday, May 7, 2010

I Dream of Boxes.

This will most likely be a short post.
And it probably won't have pictures.

Leave now or forever hold your peace.

Let's recap, shall we?

March 31st-April 5th:
Noah and I volunteered as chaperones for the trip to Louisiana Youth Camp. 42 kids, 28 hours of driving...

Not to mention the fact that all the kids brought sugar-filled snacks and drinks.

We survived. Barely.

April 5th: We arrived home to discover our fridge went out while we were gone and all our food was spoiled.


The silver lining is the landlord replaced the fridge the next day with a nice clean NEW fridge and gave us money for more food. (no more cleaning out that nasty old one)

April 12th-15th: We used half of our free Disney tickets with Momcaster....for a 3-day stint in Orlando where we went to two parks and a timeshare presentation that paid us $70 bucks to eat their breakfast and listen to their pitch. We declined the timeshare and their 17 3/4% interest rate, took the 70 bucks...and ran.

April 18th-23rd: We met my family in Gatlinburg, TN for a week-long vacation in the beautiful Smokey Mountains.

on second thought...maybe I will post a picture.
And now we're finally back home.

...and I'm dreaming of boxes.

We put in an offer on a house here in Sarasota. However, its a short-sale. Which does NOT mean the process is short. In fact its outrageously long.

I'm trying to be patient.

Unfortunately, this has never been one of my many...MANY....MAAAANY virtues.


But I'm not worried...really. We put in an offer on ANOTHER house before we left for Gatlinburg...but we liked it more for its location than anything else. It fell through due to the dozens of other offers on it.
THIS house...we're the only offer...and its just what we want. The seller has accepted and now it's up to the bank. This can take 4 months or more.

I have faith it'll be less than two.

in the meantime I shall dream of boxes.


JoeBoy said...

For the record, I took that picture.

Jeni said...

and a wonderful picture it is. Then again...what else can you get with such an awesome couple.

Pause in the Little Things... said...

awesome about the house! i hope things go quickly for your sake....that is so exciting!

JoeBoy said...

what else can you get with such an awesome couple.

I couldn't resist: