Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Purse and Boogers

Hello world.

yes...I know you're out there.
You come to my blog,
read my personal thoughts,
and you leave.
Without commenting.
Thinking you can stalk me under the cover of internet.

Don't mind me...I haven't had my coffee yet.

Speaking of coffee...I've really been trying to cut back on my caffeine intake.
My body is responding better than I had thought it would, minus the headaches.

They go away though, once my body gets caffeine.

Mind you I only said I was cutting back. Not giving it up.

So for the last few weeks I've been going over to Momcaster's once or twice a week to work on a purse. Well, it started out at as a purse. It grew a little.

See...when Noah and I first started dating, Momcaster was getting into quilting (so she'd have something to do when Noah r-u-n-n-o-f-t and got married) SO...I had told her, oh this is cool! I want to learn this.

me and my big big mouth.

SO...she proceeded to secretly purchase kits and fabrics I pointed out. Including a kit for a quilted purse, which I only discovered a couple weeks ago. I know she also has fabric and instructions for a bed quilt
(which I'm not ready to attempt yet)
...but who knows what else she has up her sleeve. ...or in her sewing closet.

I have a way of stretching a short story into a ginormous entry, just so you know. (no, really?)



okok...pictures. you impatient stalkers you.

TADA!!! 15 hours worth of purse/tote/suitcase.

Another picture...thats a pocket there in the front.
Kinda looks like a tulip from Mario Brothers.

The inside...WITH pockets.

A closer look at the quilting...
The fabrics were individually quilted using freemotion quilting which is a lot more difficult than it looks because the machine can't measure the stitch lengths for you. Basically, you run the fabric through with your hands and choose the speed by how hard you press the pedal. No feeddogs or anything to guide it. Which is why its in swirls instead of straight lines. cool huh?

So thats it...the quilted purse/tote/suitcase that Noah and I will be using to store our 15 pounds of junk food in on the way to Louisiana Camp. Shhh..don't tell.

And now for something you'll REALLY enjoy....

(thats what my mom calls em...she just forgets to pronounce the r in 'burger')

Bacon Chicken Sandwiches with Pepper Jack Cheese.
oh. my. goodness. These were so delicious.
(...we used bacon grease)
So good I had to tell you about them. When have I done that before?
The bacon is made first in the skillet. Then removed onto a papertowel. Then you take your flattened chicken breast and season with lemon&pepper seasoning. Put it in the skillet. (you may want to remove some bacon grease...Noah convinced me to leave it since we're usually pretty good about cooking healthy) Once you're ready to flip the chicken and its all good and cooked white around the edges and golden on the bottom...flip it and layer your cooked bacon on top of the cooked side. Then add your pepperjack or whatever cheese on top...and by the time it thoroughly melts your chicken should be done. Serve on a bun with mayo or any other deliciously fattening ingredient you so desire.

oh sooo good. Noah had two and proposed to me all over again. I said yes.


Caity said...

Haha this is funny. At least I *follow* your blog...does that make me any less stalkerish?

Your bag turned out cute! Looks like it will hold lots and lots of junk food...mmm.

The burgers look yummy. Too bad my husband doesn't like bacon, otherwise I'd make them. I know, crazy, right?? A guy who does not like bacon. What is wrong with Europeans?

Lost in FWA said...

Leave comments huh? Is this a "do as I say but not as I do" statement? Humm....I recall having to tell you to leave comments as well Missy! LOL! =D

Well your tote bag would make a super cute diaper bag ya know....just say'en, just say'en! hahahahaha! Looks like you did a good job on it...pretty fun to learn something new!

Hummm now those "boogers" look mighty tasty! Might have to give them a try sometime! Cute plate they're on by the way! =)

Pause in the Little Things... said...

i'll try not to just stalk you anymore...even though it is really fun. :)

i was really wondering where you were going to go with the boogers. haha sounds great! only, i don't like bacon...but johnny would love it. the bag is fantastic! great job! what a sweet way to spend some time with your motherinlaw.

you're going to la camp? that's awesome! i hope you have a blast.

ephtwoate said...

Well, I must admit that you have once again shown good initiative in creativity and another word I can not get on this comment without a red line under it. I like the fact that you made the item more than the item itself. That says more to me than the item. That's my baby girl. I am so proud.

JoeBoy said...

I like bacon grease,
And I am not a stalker.
Haiku Comments

Anonymous said...

ITS MANDIE!!!! AND IM COMMENTING!!!! I was here.... I stalk - so hate me :-P lol I want some bacon chicken sandwiches now - thanks. :-D (cute tote!)

Lost in FWA said...

Ok so I made those boogers that very night! Funny thing was, the night before I thought chicken sandwhiches sounded good and was going to look up some recipes that day! Thanks for doing the leg work for me! =D
Though John didn't propose to me again (guess he's just spoiled to good food! ha!) we both really liked them! =) We used swiss on some and provolone on the other half. Both ways were good. Course I sauteed up some onions to put on them cause that makes everything taste even better! =D And I did wipe out a lot of the bacon grease!! Can't believe you left it all in there!!! Oh and I toasted the buns! YUM! Thanks for the recipe...I'm going to have to post it now for summer!

Anonymous said...

I um really like the purse/suitcase. My birthday is in Dec. But I have an anniversary before then... And I'm your bestest sister. :D

see you soon. @ gatlinburg.

Ps. Don't forget my purse/suitcase.

Bekah Heffernan said...

You are stalking your stalkers!!! You got the people-nabber thing, now I can't visit 5 times a day because you and the rest of the world will KNOW!
The bugers look dee-lish.
I saw your mom in Target. She was pushing a cartload of children, none of whom were yours but could be because they all had your nose. Adorable!
I always comment.
How's that for ADD?