Monday, July 21, 2014

Don't hate.

Good morning Kristi.

You're probably the only one who reads this anymore . )

It's 8:30 am and I can't really say my creative juices are flowing quite yet.
I'm about to go back for a second cup of coffee
...but I think I'm becoming immune to the stuff.

I have a dozen posts I've been meaning to write.

Some examples include:

"Minding Your Goodwill Manners"
"Looking for Mr. Right"
"Seeking Good Conversation"
"Did They Ask for Your Opinion?"

The wonderful thing about blogs...
I can tell you what I think.

You can choose to read or not read.
Disagree or agree. Like me or hate me.

(I hope you won't hate me.)

Take the cherry pie and spit out the pits.
Keep the good stuff.

Anyway...what I'm trying to say is...

Don't get all bent out of shape because you might not like my opinion.

Also, if I wanted to start a debate...I'd be writing this as status update on social media.  Not my own private blog. So..don't debate. It annoys me.


Bro Trevor said...

Kristi isn't the only one!

Write all those post ideas!

Do you really still debate on social media?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful ideas...looking forward to them ALL...I understand about creative juices...sigh. Anyway I would not, could not, not in my house, not in my car, not on a boat, not with a mouse, nor with a goat, I would not could not ever hate you!!! You make me smile and I feel sort of special that your blog told me good morning, (kicks dirt and blushes and says awe shucks while hands are behind my back) Ok, so carry on with those blogs and I never mean to bug you however I just feel every once in a while to give you a little nudge to write on your your creativeness!!! Kristi

Jeni said...

Trevor, I really try to avoid debates on social media. Come to think of it, I actually avoid debates anywhere. Its a waste of energy and time and usually ends in frustration.

Anonymous said...

I read it ;) lb

Karen said...

she's not the only one. I keep checking for new posts :)