Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jeni and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day day probably isn't really worthy of that particular title.

The morning started out pretty great with the kids sleeping in until 9am.

It all started with my brilliant idea of getting my new used flowerpot
color-matched at the local Benjamin Moore store.

My very full flowerpot.

Let me just spoil the suspense and tell you right now...

I no longer have a very full flowerpot.

I now have a


very...dirty van.

In my defense it wasn't my fault.

( never is, is it?)

But wasn't.

I went BELOW the speed limit for 6.1 miles.  Turning gently.

As though I was cradling a single egg in a spoon while running an obstacle course.

I was oh so careful.

Until the person in front of me slammed on their brakes.

I could have cried.
I didn't.
But I could have.

I heard the flower pot thunk.
and roll.

And even before I turned my head 
to access the damage...I knew. 

I just knew it would be bad.

Well, I had two options.

I could continue on to the paint store and just let it go. let it gooooo...
or I could go home and attempt to clean it up before anyone found out.
(my first thought)

I found a third option.

I called Noah and whined about my absolutely terrible, horrible, no good, very bad moment.

To his credit, he didn't laugh (until he got off the phone)
He just listened.

then he told me just to leave it alone
and he'd take care of it when he got home.


He did suggest that I just go on to the paint store.  
But I told him I was too embarrassed 
to open my van door and let them see the mess I made.


So I went to Hobby Lobby on my way home.

I had two swags to return. And a receipt to return them with.

90 minutes later I was finally going home.

Yes..90 minutes.

I know what you're thinking.

You think I was shopping for 90 minutes.

...I was NOT shopping.

I stood around the front of the store with 
my   two kids for   an hour and a half 
while the manager tried to figure out how to return my stuff.

I kid you not.

My receipt had a bare spot going down the middle.
apparently the printer was losing toner?
Anyhow, they couldn't scan it in.

After 30 minutes of telling me they were almost done
they gave me the wonderful news that they would be happy
to issue me a store credit instead of the cash 
I had originally paid with two weeks ago.

sigh again.

I told them that really wasn't acceptable.

The manager gave me "a look"
and said he wasn't sure there was anything he could do.

I told him there most certainly was.
He attempted to mess around with the system for another 20 minutes.

I attempted to keep smiling while I wrangled an unhappy 10 month old and kept my 2 year old from playing with the automatic sliding doors.

I was 10 seconds away from suggesting he reach into his wallet and give me $32.65 in cash while he spent the rest of the day attempting to recover it with corporate office.

Finally he said he would call corporate office and just left.

Yah...he turned and walked away without offering any explanation.

The poor cashier was beside herself.  I could tell she felt really bad.
The manager was gone for 30 minutes.

When he came back he hit a button on the register and took out my cash.



Thank you have a nice day please come again.

I love Hobby Lobby. I really really do.
But this particular day was not a good one for that manager or their archaic computer system.

As a bit of advice...make sure your receipts are complete with all barcodes completely printed!!

Thankfully the kids fell asleep on the way home and
I was able to transfer them to bed without any problem.

I slurped a coke and contemplated cleaning out the van.

Until I realized Noah has all the extension cords on his workvan.

So I updated my blog.

I hope you're having an
awesome. wonderful. fantastic. very good day.


Melissa =) said...

For someone who I remember ironing t-shirts at camp, I cannot believe you did not better secure your flowerpot. I really cannot.

But it made for a good story. I still would have gone and got it color-matched. The employees would have been amused. And you'd at least get something from the mess.

P.S. Noah is pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

Honestly Jeni, my complaining about you not updating your blog shouldn't have led to this!!! I'm so sorry I caused all this grief for you...snicker, Ah Hem, anyway the friendly guys at the paint store wouldn't have said a word about a dirty van...have you seen their vehicles? Also Jonathan probably would have grabbed the shop vac and cleaned it up for you!!! Sorry about your day, and I would write the Hobby Lobby peoples in high places and tell them exactly what happened and how unfair and explain what a waste of time on your part this was...maybe they will give you a gift card or at least speak to that manager...sigh...anyway hope your day goes much better! Thanks for the update!

Jeni said...

Yes...I am chagrined. (must you mention the whole ironing t-shirts thing?? shh!)

I wish I would have known Jonathan would have been so generous! HA! As it was...I ended up cleaning it out myself. I felt so bad about it and he worked all day. Oh well..its done and over with and I've learned a lesson about traveling with dirt.


Anonymous said...

I read this a while back
It made me laugh (should I repent?)
Your stories ALWAYS make me laugh

I think you should turn your blogs into children's books
For adults :)

Iby the way
Try to remember that these kind of days
Serve to remind us that ice cream has it's place and purpose in the grand scheme :)

Love you, much!