Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Moon of Bee Jam

Ah yes...after weeks of waiting you find yourselves
reading the much anticipated blog post by yours truly.

Ok...lets just be honest. You and I both know you're really only looking at the pictures I post.

And with two gorgeous people like ourselves, I really can't blame you.

So since you're thinking I'm totally full of myself..I'll have you know I'm nursing a very sore throat and resizing each of these pictures individually. Just for you. So there.

This would be the hotel we stayed at on our honeymoon in St. Augustine.

Ok...I lied. We didn't stay there. It USED to be a hotel for all the rich and famous. It's now a college.

Actually, THIS is where we ended up staying. Beautiful, huh?

Yah I just lied again.

This would be a hotel turned museum. Built by the same guy as the hotel/college above.

We actually stayed at a very quaint bed and breakfast in the historical district. SO much better than a hotel.

This would be a cannon at the the Castillo de San Marcos. The Castillo is actually the oldest fort in the United States. St. Augustine, being the oldest city in the United States. Apparently there's a huge ol' stink between the St. Augustine people and the Jamestown people....about who's oldest and blahblahblah and how Jamestown is a pile of sticks compared to St. Augustine. Not that I would know...since I've never been to Jamestown. But the people in St. Augustine were pretty I'm going to side with them.

This is the only problem we could NEVER ever count on the stores to be open. So if you want better buy it when you see it cuz they might not open for the rest of your five day visit.

I saw this sign in one of the store windows and it basically says it all.

St. Augustine lighthouse. A very popular attraction and worth seeing once. We actually went inside of it..and I started to lose my bearings inside....there are 219 steps to the observation tower, which is about the height of a 14-story building or the bridge of a destroyer.

I survived however...looked out at the top...went onto the observation deck...and promptly returned down the stairs to safe ground.

If you ever get a chance to...research lighthouse keepers and their duties. This was amazing for me. We tried to lift a pail of oil that they had to carry up the steps every few way.

The second fort in St. Augustine and our favorite. Fort Matanzas. You had to take a ferry to get to it and it was free. F-R-E-E There are few things in St. Augustine that are free so this was a real treat. Plus...the people taking care of the fort were reeaaallly friendly and even fired an old cannon for us.

One of the reenactors there at Fort Matanzas.

You gotta admit...there's a crazy similarity.

Noah and I at the beach. Atlantic Ocean beach...ooooh yah.

Aaaand last but not least...our last stop on the honeymoon was a surprise. I didn't know what we were doing until we were inside the building. A Brandon Heath concert. Only a couple rows away.


ephtwoate said...

Looks like You both had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing those awe-some pictures. Historically speaking What an experience: maybe once in a life time. God Bless you both

Laura said...

Cool beans Jeni! I remember seeeing some of that stuff when I visited St. A after I graduated! It is a pretty cool old(est) town! =) The pics were did have me fooled and laughing at the hotel "lies"! =D And for you info, I don't just look at the pics you conceited thing! (though you two do make a cute couple I must say!) haha! =D

You didn't mention how the concert atually went! Did you like it?
Looks like you guys had a really good time!

Ok, I thought those pics of the furniture would be up by now...come on girl! haha!