Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Last night we acquired a coffee table. And it's pretty awesome. (if i do say so myself) It's a mexican style storage table. It reminds me a lot of John and Laura's. Except we don't have cool end tables to match . p

I think we did pretty good on prices and I'm pretty sure we'll be able to get our money back out of anything should we decide to resell once we move.

We bought the coffee table for $50 and it really IS in fantastic condition. It lifts up on both sides for a LOT of storage space.

It looks a tad jumbled right now...but we just bought these bookcases last week and I'm only now getting things organized. This is pretty much the only wall they can go on since the other two walls have long windows. The bookcases are really nice. A TON better than ones you find at walmart. They're very. very. heavy. I know because I dragged them across the room and into place. In Noah's defense...he was sleeping like a normal person is SUPPOSED to do at 1:30 in the morning. I, however, could not sleep and ended up reorganizing the living room and mopping the kitchen floor. We splurged and bought these for $100.

This is the other side of that photo....that blanket covered object is Sis. Pat's futon. We have yet to find a couch we like. Most couches down here are either leather or a really hideous floridian floral pattern. No thank you. It's the last thing we need really so I'm sure we'll find one soon. That recliner there is a faux leather that Harry and Stephanie gave us. Noah and I like it since we can both take a nap in it between services. You'll notice the sock monkey on the "couch." That's from Joe and its pretty much my favorite thing ever. You see, I've always wanted a sock monkey...and now that I'm 22 and newly married...I finally have one. We actually have two end tables, but I put one in the pantry. The room in here is just two small for two end tables. We paid $25 for the combo.
We bought this matching dining table and hutch off craigslist as well. Actually, everything we've bought has been off craigslist. We reupholstered the chairs with fabric we bought at JoAnne's. Which, by the way...that shopping trip was an adventure.

Me to Noah: Do you like THIS fabric?
Noah: No.
Me: What about this one?
Noah: No fabric that hideous should be seen by innocent eyes such as mine.

I exaggerate of course...but it was pretty bad.

Anyhow...we bought this combo for $300 which I thought was a pretty fantastic deal. It took me a day to go clean it and go over it with liquid gold...but it looks good now. The hutch has really come in handy...we put it in the kitchen and it gives me a lot of extra drawers and shelf space. The amazing thing is it really fits perfectly in that small kitchen. You'd think it would make it smaller in there but it's the perfect size in width, height, and length. I loves it.

The last room really is our bedroom and it's hard to take a full picture of it because...

A. It's really really small
B. We don't have a ceiling height light.

However...I took a picture anyway. We juuuust got the decorative pillows yesterday which explains why I haven't taken the tags off. It's actually kind of funny, but the pillows take up most of the bed.

Noah and I both like to sleep with two feather pillows so...there are 4 of those. We also have two huge pillows at the headboard. And two shams. And then the 2 in front.

Noah's pretty sure I'm insane.

I told him, "Don't fight it."


JoeBoy said...

I tried to tell Noah you were insane before you got married, but I don't think he really listened to me. :)

Looks like you guys are doing an awesome job of getting all set up and settled in. Way to go.

P.S. I'm glad you like the sock monkey.

Lost in FWA said...

Hey Jeni, everything looks great! It was nice to see how things are progressing with the pics! Looks like you are having fun getting settled in! I thought you were going to make that back bed room the den/office? What are you doing with it now?
Hey, keep that coffee table, and we will let ya know when we are selling our end tables, and side table!!! =) Might be in the next few years! haha! I couldn't quite make out the fabric on those chairs, but it looks great. I guess you learned you NEVER take a guy shopping for those types of things! haha! =) Thanks for keeping us updated on things!