Thursday, October 11, 2012

25 going on 40.

Due to incessant whining reminding of certain individuals, Mandie & Katherine,
who shall remain nameless....

I hereby update my blog.

woo. hoo.

Liberty is almost an entire year old.  I'm both excited and sad.

All those times people told me how fast it goes...

they were right.

stupid people.  stupid correct accurate people.

I can't seem to imagine us any further than what we are now...

A cute young couple with an adorable baby.

stop that snickering out there.

But really, I can't imagine us 15 years from now. That would put me at FORTY years old!!


No way. I'm young. and hip. and cool. forever.

I'm such a loser.

Let's move on.


Liberty has 11 teeth.
This may not seem like a huge deal, but let me put it this way...

She has popped 1-2 teeth every month since she was 4 months old.
Thats 2 tubes of baby orajel...and about 7 bottles of ibuprofin.
And about 10 gallons of drool.

Once we hit the molars we switched to adult orajel.  She doesn't even mind the taste anymore.
In fact, she grabs the tube, screws off the cap, and pumps the stuff onto her gums herself.

ok not really.

But really, she's gotten her teeth a lot earlier than most babies.
Grandma Pat says Liberty knows the rapture is coming soon
so she's getting all her teeth in so she can have a steak before we go.


We've Noah has been busy building a laundry room/pantry out of part of our garage.
I am. SO. excited.

I don't really mind doing laundry.  I know a lot of people hate it, but its not that big a deal to me.  But I hated going into my nasty cluttered garage where the occasional demonic beasts cockroach was waiting for me.

I'm beyond excited to have tons of shelves for my couponing overflow.  And carpet and baseboards. And clean walls...and and and.

Noah has been so very awesome and diligent about getting it finished.

We keep teasing my mom that we're finishing it for her because we want her to feel at home while she's here.

Last time she spent a ton of time out in the garage washing and folding our clothes.
And yes I appreciated it.


My parents are due in about 11 days, give or take a few hours.

They haven't visited since Liberty was born
and I wasn't actually able to take them sight-seeing.

hmm. wonder why.

But THIS time we have a huge line of events planned!
Epcot, Museums, Birthday Party, Ikea...

Ok...maybe it wasn't that huge.

It is for ME!! I don't get out much.

again with the snickering???

seriously. stop.

I am a homebody.  (what a weird phrase)
I do love to travel...but I love my home.
my bed.
my shower.
my fridge.
mine. mine. MINE!!!!!

...I don't know where that came from.
I blame it on lack of sleep.

Speaking of lack of sleep...

we usually have to rock/walk/bounce Liberty to sleep for her naps and bedtime.

I know...most kids are broken by now.
But I kept telling Noah,
"she's only little once, lets just enjoy her"

Said I.

Now, 17 pounds is a lot heavier than the 5 lb 13 oz she was when she was born.

So...she I must be broken.

Last night I put her down, told her nuh-nite and let her cry it out for 15.
came back in and patted her til she calmed down. Let her cry it out another 15.
came back in and patted her and..she fell asleep.

oh. my goodness.

really? that easy? really?

why have i been jiggling this 17 pound kid around for 30 minutes to get her to sleep!?


oh yah..she's cute.

and cuddly.


OH! Did I mention she's walking!?

Very exciting.  The first day she took a few steps..

and I started screaming

and she stopped and stared at me.


Its so cute to see her walk all stiff-legged.

Then she pauses.
And walks a little further.


I always put pictures up on I tend to forget about my little blog.

So here's a recap of the last several months of Liberty Grace

6 months

8 months

AND 10 months!

Anyhow...thats all for now . )


Momster said...

If whining
....I mean, reminding
is what it takes to get a blog post out of you
It's worth it : )
LOVE your ways

AuntChelle said...

Guess I needed to join the whining, I mean, reminding group!!!! I check it 'almost' as often as I check Kira and Karen's. . . . . and they hear from me!!!